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Djeco Toys at My Toyworld

My Toyworld brings to you some of the best collection of Djeco toys. We have Djeco toys suitable for all age groups. From colour pencils and decal animals, we have toys like castles, glitter boards, and mobile kits. For girls, our range of dolls includes fashion dolls and dolls accessories and dressing rooms. For boys, we have farms, aquariums and other games that are interesting.


Djeco toys come in bright colours and attractive packaging too. They are durable, and helpful for kids to improve their memory and reasoning power. Make your kids happy with these colourful djeco toys that are made of premium quality materials, and are safe for the kids. You can browse through our collection and find the right toy for your kids.

Other Products at My Toyworld

My Toyworld is also a place where you’ll find a whole lot of other toys forms of arts & crafts, cars and construction toys to games & puzzles, learning toys, and science toys for kids.

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If you have any query related to our products and services, do reach out to us or ring us at (03) 9878 0422 for assistance.


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