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Beanie Boos

My Toyworld brings to you an exciting range of TY beanie boos for you to cuddle, hug and play with! These soft toys are made of high-quality fabric and ensure that they’re safe to use. They also last longer and stay fresh and new.


Gift your loved ones these soft and cute TY beanie boos that include the cute Multicolor Poodle, Pig Piggley, Witch Finger Puppet, and unicorns.

Though these soft toys are made of fabric, you need not worry about their maintenance. They can be machine washed, and are easily dried, portable, and light-weight! Let your child fall in love with these cute big-eyed beauties. When you get such high quality gifts and toys at affordable rates at just a click, what could possibly stop you from buying it?

The other toys that My Toyworld offers include outdoor games such as Aerobie Pro and cricket set slashers, construction games like Lego and Mecanno, dolls like Barbie and Sylvanian, and many more premium quality toys that are made from safe products and are durable. Bring home the beauty of colours and fun and make the house a happier place for your kids and you!

To know more amount our products and services, write to us or call us on (03) 9878 0422 for assistance.


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