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Give life to your child’s imagination with interesting construction toys from LEGO, available at Toy World. From colourful building blocks to miniature models of cars and trucks, allow your children be in their dream world, and develop their analytical and cognitive skills as they play along.


Our LEGO collections and other construction toys are suitable for kids of all ages. Allow your kids build their own models using their imagination. Let each day be different for them, with new models coming out of their imagination. With the vast collection of our LEGO construction toys, your child has everything to develop his/her intelligence and creative skills.

Apart from these toys, Toy World also has a wide range of other toys and items for your children. From action figures, racing cars and collectables, to a variety of dolls, learning toys, science toys and puzzles to develop the thinking ability and creative skills of your children.

Buying your favourite toys can’t get easier. All you need to do is browse through the collection of toys on our website and place the order. Complete safety of your products and prompt delivery are assured on all the products showcased on the website.

For more info, feel free to reach out to us. You can mail us at or call us at 03 9878 0422 for assistance.


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